Housing Development

HOME Program Application Procedure

To apply for HOME funds applicants must complete the HOME-HTC Application and supporting documents, which must be received by the SDHDA office in Pierre by 5 p.m. CDT on the last working day of July for the annual application round. Completed applications (refer to Exhibit 1 of the HOME Program Allocation Plan) must be delivered (via U.S. Postal Service, private mailing service, hand delivery, or submitted via SDHDA's on-line submission) to SDHDA by 5:00 p.m. Central Time on the applicable due date. Applications via facsimile or e-mail will NOT be accepted. SDHDA may hold additional application rounds if available funds remain. HOME funds are reserved, awarded, or distributed in a process which complies with the needs and priorities outlined in the Consolidated Plan. Quality and feasibility of a proposed project is also taken into account.

Requests for HOME funds are considered in a three-stage process: Application, Reservation, and Commitment. No construction or acquisition or rehabilitation activities may begin until the process is fully complete and a start order has been issued by SDHDA.

Prior to a commitment of HOME funds, the environmental impact of each activity carried out with HOME funds must be assessed in accordance with the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) and the related authorities listed in HUD's implementing regulations at 24 CFR Parts 50 and 58.

The environmental review is conducted by SDHDA and involves the following, as applicable:

  1. Completing the appropriate level of environmental review.
  2. Publishing required public notices.
  3. Submitting to HUD a Request for Release of Funds and Certification.
  4. Receiving from HUD approval of the Request for Release of Funds and Certification.

Projects receiving HOME funds are subject to compliance requirements. Please review the HOME Compliance Manual for additional information.

Call or e-mail DeNeil Taylor, Housing Development Officer, with your HOME questions. 
Phone: (605) 773-4247